Short introduction

I am a structural engineer living and working in Rijeka, Croatia.


Understanding of european norms (Eurocodes); understanding of bearing concepts of structures and knowledge of structural materials properties; thorough conversance of the process of structural analysis and design; experience with use of the specific and generic software:

Professional experience

I expanded my experience in field of civil engineering by working for contractors: Građevinski obrt "Crnoja", cooperant work on construction of timber roof, masonly structures, and some interior refurbishment, MD Stolarija, mostly interior refurbishment and some construction of timber canopy roof and supporting timber and steel structures, and for the local authorities in Upravni odjel za prostorno uređenje, graditeljstvo i zaštitu okoliša at Primorsko-goranska županija, where I worked in the process of issuing building/use permits.

My CV has more information.

Formal education

I received both my bachelor's degree and my master's degree at Faculty of Civil Engineering at University of Rijeka, finally gaining the title of mag. ing. aedif. My master's course was in Structural Engineering.

My bachelor's thesis title was Plastic analysis of steel portal frames as an extension of project done in course Fundamentals of steel structures. Supervisor for my bachelor's thesis was Mladen Bulić, Ph.D.

In thesis the concept of plastic analysis was explainded, followed by analysis and design of steel portal frames. The analysis and design was done manually.

My master's thesis title was Structural analysis and design of post-tensioned concrete flat slab as an extension of project done in course Concrete and masonry structures. Supervisor for my master's thesis was Davor Grandić, Ph.D.

In thesis the concept of prestressing, advantages and disadvantages of prestressing are also explained, followed by analysis of a post-tension concrete flat slab was made in software RamConcept V8i, which was also checked manually using the direct design method for two-way spaning floors. RamConcept software design process was also described. After the design detailing of Rebar and Post-Tensioning were made using software AutoCAD 2012. For the design were used european standards EN 1991-1-1 for actions on structures and EN 1992-1-1 for design of concrete structures.

During my work at Primorsko Goranska Županija, I attended course which allowed me to pass State Exam at Ministarstvo uprave.

Specific focus

The area in which I specialized both in my college and in my work is structural engineering with particular focus on concrete and masonry structures.

Contact information

You can contact me by sending e-mail to my address